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Why Carry a Flashlight for Personal Defense

Why Carry a Flashlight for Personal Defense?

Easy to Carry

Most defensive flashlights are small and compact. They can easily fit in your front or back pocket. Some can be clipped to your belt or even carried on the outside (or inside) of your purse. Their small size makes it easy to incorporate them in your everyday carry (EDC).

You Can Carry Them Just About Anywhere

Many places in our society regulate where we can and cannot carry a firearm for personal defense. Places like the post office and VA center are considered government facilities. Federal law prohibits us from carrying firearms and knives into these locations.  Some states and counties regulate where we can carry or outright ban the use of electric control devices (such as Tasers®) and Oleoresin capsicum (OC, commonly referred to as pepper spray). Unlike firearms, Knives, ECDs and pepper spray, you can carry a flashlight almost everywhere, such as airplanes, schools, colleges, and even government buildings. Most people don’t look at a flashlight as an offensive or defensive tool.

Lights the Way

The obvious one of course!  When it’s dark, a defensive flashlight or a run of the mill flashlight can help to provide light to illuminate an area. With proper training, it can also be used in conjunction with a firearm to identify threats, exits, or even good guys and gals.

Blinding Light

In a low light area, a bright light can cause temporary blindness to a would be attacker. This tactic should be used in conjunction with other personal safety plans.

Great as an Impact Tool

A good metal flashlight makes a great impact tool when used correctly. Using it with unarmed attacks, like hammer fist strikes, to soft tissue areas can cause a lot of damage to an attacker.  Many defensive flashlights also come with sharp beveled edges that can also cause a great deal of damage or even cut an attacker.


Interested in learning how you can incorporate a flashlight in personal protection plan? Take our Low Light Pistol or Defensive Flashlight Skill Building Courses.


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About the Writer

John E. Pemberton
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John has taught tactical and personal defense skills for over 10 years. He is currently the Manager and Chief Instructor for Kodiak Firing Range. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps with over 5 years of service in which he served as a Team Leader for Signals Intelligence and as a First Degree Black Belt instructor for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).  John also holds Black Belts in Karate-Do and JuJitsu.

He is also the Owner and Chief Instructor for Spartan Dynamics LLC, a company dedicated to providing realistic and practical personal protection in unarmed and armed defense. He is open-minded, and constantly evolving to more efficient and more effective methodologies for personal defense.  John is also a graduate of several tactical and personal defense programs some of which include, MAG-40 with Massad Ayoob, Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) and Edged Weapons Overview (EWO) with Shivworks’ Craig Douglas and Paul Sharp and is an NRA Instructor in multiple disciplines.

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