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Defensive Pistol III

Defensive Pistol III provides students with Realistic Force-On-Force(FoF) scenarios which challenges students abilities to use the skills learned in Defensive Pistol I and Defensive Pistol II. Students will be provided simulated firearms, and will have the opportunity to build practical experiences in simulated personal defense situations that they may find themselves in.

Students will be presented with 4-5 scenarios. After each scenario the student and instructors will help provide constructive criticism to help the student prepare for real life violence.  

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Instructor: John E. Pemberton


Phone: 574.299.8000

Cost: $100

Prerequisites: Defensive Pistol I and Defensive Pistol II

Course Requirements:

  • One Open Mind willing to learn new tactics, techniques, and principles (TTP)
  • Pen / pencil & notepad
  • Must be 18 Years or Older

Prerequisites: None. However, we recommend first time and new shooters attend our Basic Pistol 101 or Complete Basic Pistol 150 courses.

The full tuition is required to sign up and to reserve a seat for this course. We only have a limited number of seats per a course and fixed costs based on the number of students who sign up. So no refunds can be given for deposits or the full price of tuition if the student does not attend the course. The remaining tuition balance is due on the first day of the course.

In the event the course is canceled by the instructor or host facility, students will receive a full refund or may transfer to another course.

For questions or concerns about the course policy, email the Instructor at

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