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Pistol Range Prices

  • $12 per hour for 1 Person
  • $18 per hour for 2 People to Share a Lane
  • $24 per hour for 3 People to Share a Lane

For Caliber Restrictions see Gun Shop/Range  


Gun Rentals

Gun Rental List

  • $10 per a firearm for One Hour
  • $20 for Unlimited Gun Rentals (switch them out as many times as you want) for One Hour
  • $20 for One Premium Gun Rental (Premium Gun Rentals also include a limited amount of ammunition based on the rental)

*Must purchase our ammunition, when you rent our firearms. 

** Premium Gun Rentals are no included in the Unlimited Gun Rental Pricing. 

Gun Rental List


Gun Cleaning Services

  • Basic Pistol Cleaning $10 per Firearm
  • Basic Rifle Cleaning $20 per Firearm (On Select Rifles and Shotguns)
  • Detailed Gun Cleaning and Inspection $35
    • Available for Glock Pistol by Certified Glock Armorer
    • Available for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol by Certified M&P Armorer
    • Available for Most AR Platforms

*Detailed Gun Cleaning and Inspections require an appointment


  • Every Monday is Ladies Day: FREE RANGE TIME EVERY MONDAY
  • Every Tuesday is First Responder Day: $6 Flat Rate for Police, Firefighters, EMTs Veterans, & National Guard
  • Every Thursday is Test Drive Thursdays: Get one free firearm rental or $10 unlimited rental


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